KSPE Vision and Mission
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Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers

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The mission of KSPE is to promote the ethical, competent, and licensed practice of engineering, and to enhance the professional, social, and economical well being of our members.

  • To advocate the application of engineering knowledge and skills for the public health, safety and welfare.
  • To promote the highest standards of engineering education.
  • To influence public policyTo foster society's understanding of the role of engineering
  • To communicate the importance of engineering licensure.
  • To stimulate student interest in mathematics and science and encourage young people to enter the engineering profession.
  • To represent the interests of all engineering disciplines.

KSPE is the leader in the development of unity and focused resources across all engineering disciplines and organizations for influence upon public, legislative and educational issues affecting the profession.

About Us

The Kentucky Engineering Center (KEC) is a modern and efficient professional home for Kentucky's Engineers.

Located in Frankfort, KY, KEC houses the American Council of Engineering Companies of Kentucky (ACEC-KY), the Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE-KY), the Kentucky Engineering Foundation (KEF), a training lab, and meeting space.

KEC and its partner organizations support engineering education, promote the ethical practice of engineering, advocate licensure, and enhance the image and well-being of engineers in Kentucky.

Contact Us

  • Kentucky Engineering Center
  • 160 Democrat Drive
  • Frankfort, KY 40601