Executive Director Position Available

The Kentucky Engineering Center is seeking an Executive Director. 

 View the job description here or scroll down the page to see the description for the position. 


If you are interested in applying, please submit your information to Brad Gregory, ACEC-KY President, at bgregory@hmbpe.com by COB May 26th, 2020


Executive Director

Job Description

Reports To: ACEC-KY/NSPE-KY Coordinating Committee

Position Status: At-Will

Position Purpose:

The Executive Director is responsible for the management of staff and the day-to-day activities of the

American Council of Engineering Companies–Kentucky (ACEC-KY), the Kentucky Society of Professional

Engineers (NSPE-KY), and the Kentucky Engineering Foundation (KEF). The Executive Director serves as

an ex-officio, non-voting member on the boards of ACEC-KY, NSPE-KY, and KEF, and as Chairman of the

ACEC-KY/NSPE-KY Coordinating Committee. This position is an important part of representing ACEC-KY,

NSPE-KY, and KEF as very professional, efficient, and member-oriented organizations.

Roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Product/Organizational Knowledge

• Comprehensive understanding of all of ACEC-KY, KSPE, and KEF member services.

• Comprehensive knowledge of ACEC-KY, KSPE, and KEF financial processes.

• Comprehensive knowledge of ACEC-KY systems and processes for membership management.

• Comprehensive knowledge of ACEC-KY, KSPE, and KEF systems and processes for events


• Comprehensive knowledge of ACEC-KY, KSPE, and KEF systems and processes for

administrative support.

• Understanding of any other required knowledge regarding the services, systems and processes.

Operations – Financial Management

• Responsible for the financial well-being of the associations.

• Lead and Coordinate the annual budget development process for each organization.

• Ensure adequate revenue to sustain approved budgets for both associations.

• Develop and implement any new revenue programs/plans as needed and approved by Boards.

• Work closely with accountants to maintain accurate bookkeeping and quarterly financial reports.

• Oversee the annual dues process for ACEC-KY member firms.

• Ensure all programs and events are financially sustainable.

Operations – Membership Management

• Plan and execute membership recruitment efforts for both ACEC-KY and NSPE-KY.

• Evaluate and determine programming to enhance membership value.

• Ensure there is adequate value-added communications to the general membership

• Oversee staff duties related to maintaining membership database.

• Oversee the production and distribution of the quarterly Kentucky ENGINEER magazine and the

monthly ACEC-KY e-newsletter.

• Oversee update and distribution of annual ACEC-KY and KSPE membership directory.

Operations – Events Management

• Oversee the planning, promotion, and execution of the following programs and events:


Leadership PE

ACEC-KY/KYTC/FHWA Partnering Conference

ACEC-KY Engineering Excellence Awards

NSPE-KY Annual Convention

Both ACEC-KY and NSPE-KY quarterly Board meetings.

ACEC-KY Annual Meeting

KEF Board of Directors’ Annual Meeting

Kentucky Engineers’ Golf Classic

Engineers’ Advocacy Day

ACEC-KY PAC Leadership Circle

KEC Seminar offerings.

Operations – Legislative

• Register as a lobbyist with the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission.

• Coordinate and implement any legislative initiatives for each Board.

• Review and monitor all bills filed that could have an impact on the Boards’ and/or their members.

• Manage the efforts of the Boards’ contract lobbyists.

Operations – National Organizations

• Maintain regular communication and coordination with the National Society of Professional

Engineers (NSPE) and the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).

• Attend each associations’ national conventions: two (2) conventions for ACEC and one (1)

convention for NSPE.

• Coordinate and schedule Congressional meetings for ACEC-KY members during the ACEC Annual

Convention and Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C.

Operations – Staff Management

• Monitor and manage the workload of KEC staff.

• Provide direction on task prioritization.

• Ensure staff is appropriately assigned to properly support and manage programs/events.

• Develop a teamwork environment among staff.

• Conduct annual staff evaluations.

Leadership & Developing Others

• Participates with Kentucky Engineering Center staff to set and reach higher goals in execution of

tasks and in gaining work-related knowledge.

• Participates in strategy sessions with Kentucky Engineering Center staff to determine new or

enhanced approaches for systems and processes that will enhance and improve member

experience and benefits.

• Models development by continuously learning and applying new information about work-related

knowledge and activities.

• Participates in formal continuing education through course-work, work-shops, seminars, etc. that

as needed and approved.

• Empowers others to always strive to do their best, set and reach higher goals, and maintain a

continual attitude toward growing and gaining knowledge.

Desired Characteristics (traits and behavior needed to perform job tasks with excellence

and reflecting the values of your company):

• Self-motivated with strong initiative; ability to work independently as well as to operate in a team


• Conscientious regarding attendance, punctuality, and quality of work.

• Exceptional attention to detail.

• Process-oriented

• Good decision-making abilities: determine issue variables and effective solutions in a timely


• Ability to acquire and retain knowledge/information quickly.

• Good problem-solving skills.

• Excellent communication skills: ask clarifying questions, participate in active listening, deliver clear

and concise information, direction, or instruction.

• Positive and energetic disposition.

• Willingness to do any task assigned.

Abilities Required (training, education, certifications, methods of task implementation):

• Experience managing staff and office operations.

• Ability to manipulate and utilize Microsoft applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

• Ability to utilize basic computer tasks/functions (email, file directories, etc.)

• Ability to manipulate database systems.

• Ability to utilize basic Google products (calendar, email, Google Plus, etc.)

• Basic knowledge of mathematical operations.

• Experience with various financial items (bank statements, invoices, merchant services, etc.)

• Understanding of office operations.

Physical Requirements:

• Ability to lift at least 25 lbs

• Ability to stand and/or sit a minimum of four hours at a time

• Ability to work on a computer/laptop for a minimum of four hours at a time

About Us

The Kentucky Engineering Center (KEC) is a modern and efficient professional home for Kentucky's Engineers.

Located in Frankfort, KY, KEC houses the American Council of Engineering Companies of Kentucky (ACEC-KY), the Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE-KY), the Kentucky Engineering Foundation (KEF), a training lab, and meeting space.

KEC and its partner organizations support engineering education, promote the ethical practice of engineering, advocate licensure, and enhance the image and well-being of engineers in Kentucky.

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