Legislative Issues
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LEGISLATIVE ISSUES - Related to the Engineering Profession

 Kentucky Engineers

(To find your Legislator, go to “Legislative Issues” on our web site.)

The reason for this “Legislative Initiative”: Kentucky Legislators need your expertise and experience,
your Engineering Profession needs Legislators to understand what Professional Engineers do, what it
takes to be a PE, how important your Profession is to our planet, Kentucky’s citizens, and it’s economy.

One Goal of this “Legislative Initiative”: Know Senators and Representatives well enough to invite and
bring them to the KSPE/ACEC?KY Legislative Reception being planned for January/February in Frankfort.

To Do: (this applies to any Senator or Representative with whom you might have a relationship)

1. Contact your Senator and Representative and meet them, over coffee, lunch, breakfast, any
place/time when you can talk. Let them know that you are a Professional Engineer and what
that means. Offer your help to them as a Legislator. Listen to what they have to say, especially
questions they may have.
2. Exchange contact information (phone and e/mail).
3. Continue building the relationship – this is not a “one time” action.
4. Encourage your KSPE Chapter members and other Professional Engineers to do the same.
5. Have your KSPE Chapter invite your Legislators to a Chapter meeting.

This “Legislature Initiative” is not a “one time action”, it is an initiative to encourage Professional
Engineers to build ongoing relationships with Kentucky’s Legislators. If there is any question about why
this needs to be done – talk with someone who heard Representative Sannie Overly, PE as she recalled
true stories about what has happened to professions who did not have those relationships. She shared
that information at our KSPE Convention in April and with our ACEC-KY Annual Meeting in June.

- Most Legislators don’t realize that: A Professional Engineer (“PE”) has met extensive
education and experience requirements (4 years at ABET accredited institution plus 4
years of progressive experience under another PE); successfully passed two national
engineering exams; and has a required lifetime learning obligation.

- Most Legislators don’t realize that: Professional Engineers are required to conduct their
practice so as to protect the public health, safety, and welfare and can only practice in
their area or areas of competence and within Kentucky law.

- Most legislators don’t realize that: Different people and groups on the “fringes” of
engineering attempt to practice engineering in violation of KRS 322; often aided, either
intentionally or unintentionally, by various government agencies trying to “save” dollars
in the short run by using non?engineers. This is in violation of Kentucky law and puts
public safety at risk as well as often increasing long?term costs.

- In order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the Commonwealth of
Kentucky, the role of the Professional Engineer must be preserved and protected. If fully
understood, every Legislator would want to help preserve the role of the Professional
Engineer in Kentucky!

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