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Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers


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KSPE is...

  • The membership society for Professional Engineers in Kentucky
  • Affiliated with the National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Made up of 13 Chapters, covering the state of Kentucky, plus three student chapters at the University of Louisville, the University of Kentucky and the Kentucky Wesleyan College.
  • A provider of professional development and educational opportunities
  • Constantly looking for opportunities to enhance the image of Professional Engineers.

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**Note: The above link will take you to the NSPE website. As of July 1, 2018, NSPE is processing all new memberships. If you have any questions, please contact staff at KSPE.**

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The Engineers' Creed

As a Professional Engineer,

I dedicate my professional knowledge and skill to the advancement and betterment of human welfare.

I pledge:

To give the utmost performance;

To participate in none but honest enterprise;

To live and work according to the laws of man and the highest standards of professional conduct;

To place service before profit, the honor and standing of the profession before personal advantage, and the public welfare above all other considerations.

In humility and with need for Divine Guidance,

I make this pledge.


About Us

The Kentucky Engineering Center (KEC) is a modern and efficient professional home for Kentucky's Engineers.

Located in Frankfort, KY, KEC houses the American Council of Engineering Companies of Kentucky (ACEC-KY), the Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE-KY), the Kentucky Engineering Foundation (KEF), a training lab, and meeting space.

KEC and its partner organizations support engineering education, promote the ethical practice of engineering, advocate licensure, and enhance the image and well-being of engineers in Kentucky.

Contact Us

  • Kentucky Engineering Center
  • 160 Democrat Drive
  • Frankfort, KY 40601